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Ancient Egyptian Myths, Stories and other interesting info!!

Come walk the Sands of Time With Us

Stories, Myths and Calendars of the Ancient Egypt
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A Community to talk about the Stories, Myths and Calendars of the Ancient Egyptians.

When I first started this it was just a community to share Ancient Egyptian Calendar info and now that has expanded to sharing other info. So if you know of other links or other info, please share it. I am hoping to also post links to other places that have the same subject matter. I might be doing a link of the week, type thing!! I support those that take the time and energy to do project like mine!!

This is an on going project of mine to have a better understand of how the Ancient Egyptians lived. What they did day to day, etc.. What days were festival days, stories and myths of the Gods and Goddess, Meanings of Ancient Egyptian words, Birthday's of the Gods and Goddesses and what ever else they were doing at the time!!

Some rules:

1. Please try to keep to the subject on the Ancient Egyptian.

2. Please do not flame other members.

So remember we are here to learn and have fun.